I'm Not Ready: Jackie Christie Confirms 'Basketball Wives LA 3' Is Filming

Oh I am so not ready for another season of “Basketball Wives LA.” In fact, I honestly thought these ladies were dunzo, a wrap, finished, lights out, checks cashed and good night, but according to Jackie Christie, “Basketball Wives LA” is officially back in effect and filming for season three.

Jackie broke the news via Twitter Saturday, informing the world that she is back in front of the camera.

Jackie Christie confirms Basketball Wives LA season 3

Now that we know, are you going to tune in when “Basketball Wives LA” returns? To be very blunt, I really thought this show was done. Honestly, why in God’s name would they bring it back after poor ratings, poor reviews and some very public comments from Shaunie O’neal about cutting some fat or cutting it all together? Maybe just maybe some fat was cut (meaning some people) and some more “interesting” ladies have been added to the cast to “spice it up” enough to make us watch. Let’s hope that’s the case because if they come with the same mess from last season, they really should be done FOREVER.


To be fair I will be watching for the first episode or two. Will you?